A Story for the Ages

Rarasaur - Founder

Rarasaur – Founder

When I first met Rara from Rarasaur.wordpress.com, I was so jealous.

Here was a blogger who just started blogging before I did, and she was already Freshly Pressed with a truck load of active followers. Then whenever I toured the blogosphere, her icon appeared everywhere–in the comment sections, in guest-posts, in awards of every shape and color, and in “favorite blogger” posts. Who was this person?

Then I met Rara. First, I participated in her International Label Day. She emailed me and we started a conversation. This lead to an interview with her. Then she designed the logo for Bloggers for Peace for FREE. Then she made peace cat images for FREE. Then she helped edit an ebook that I was working on for FREE.

peace cat

Peace Cat Rara did for FREE

You get the picture. Rara is one generous, loving, compassionate person. I love her, her family, her cats, her mother, and Grayson, even though I have never met any of them in person before.

During our emails and Skype conversations, we traded stories about being falsely accused of crimes. Little did I know that her accusers were not done yet. Last week, Rara signed a deal to serve 3 years in prison for a crime I know in my heart of hearts that she did not commit.

I miss my friend. I miss her presence on the internet–her inspiring comments, her colorful blog posts, her videos (I watched every one), her creativity, her selfless service, and her heart of gold.

The story that must be told is Rara’s story. It is a story that is as important as Mandela, King, Joan of Arc, Dalai Lama, and, dare I say, Christ. It is a story of injustice that leads to ascension. It is a story that lifts all humanity because of the courage, compassion, and integrity of the protagonist.

I’m going to do all I can to make sure that this story does not die. I’m going to support Rara in any way I can. I’m going to continue to send her inspiration and hope in the form of prayers, letters, visits, and love.

I ask you to remember this story and do what you can to make sure it does not die.



25 thoughts on “A Story for the Ages

  1. I miss her terribly. It’s days like these she would see me online and ask why was I still awake (I’m on the East Coast), then we would chat for hours.

    Her wise soul and colorful presence are so unique and true gifts to those who know her. I am there with you to make sure her story is known and that she knows she is loved, always and unconditionally.

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  2. Rara has been an inspiration to me on a daily basis. It’s sad to know it will be a while before she can get back into her boots and tromp through the blogoshpere, but atleast there’s some calm in the fact it’s settled and there’s some finalization. Her post containing the quote by Arthur Ashe: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” Had a profound effect on me and I hope she remembers and knows how powerful she is. #RawrLove

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  3. Oh Kozo, this is so “wonderouslly” beautiful. 😀
    I just heard from our girl recently. She told me to take care of all of you but also allow myself to be cared for by you. Trademark Rara, she nurtured me even through all the mess she’s going through.

    I know this will make her smile. 😀

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    • She fought it for years and drained all her resources. She did not want to rely on the charity of others. She wanted it to finally end. The accusers won a war of attrition. They had nothing to lose. Or like Obi Wan Kenobi says, “There are alternatives to fighting.” {{{hugs}}} kozo


  4. She always had a positive inflection, even in the challenging posts. Not many bloggers have that. As un Rara like as this is, what goes around should come around for the people who are letting her take the fall.


  5. I miss Rara too…I’ve always loved reading her blog posts. They were interesting, funny, and could easily keep your attention. She definitely is a wise soul, and her creativity and love for life is contagious. ❤


  6. I have a feeling her time is going to get cut in half. When you speak to her next, ask her how on-point my senses can be. 😉 She’ll tell you a neat story of how her worst day in there ended up a little brighter.
    She’s going to be ok. Our girl is one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. Before we know it, that smile will be back here.


  7. Reblogged this on WELL CALL ME CRAZY and commented:
    Did you ever come across a person who touched your soul…..who you just KNEW was one of the people God puts here on Earth to make the journey of troubled souls just a little bit easier….. but never even met them in person? Well I have. And that person is Rara. Here is a story by one of her myriad fans. Her tale truly is a story that must not die.


  8. Whoa–what the heck? I took a break from blogging and was wondering where she was when I came back . . . Thanks for doing what you’re doing, and can you please fill me in a little? Thanks.


  9. I miss her too. I know she will be fine, because Rara is ever fine. Fine defines Rara. Fine in every way possible a human being can be fine.


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