#RawrLove for Rara

Today is Rara’s Birthday. The team here at STMND decided to put up a little post telling her happy birthday, and we decided to add a contact form so others could send in their birthday messages as well. The outpouring of love and support is so very monumental that we’ve decided to share those messages with you, before we send them to Rara.

First, here are some numbers that we’ve amassed because of this post, and indirectly, because of Rara. (All numbers are at time of posting and will be updated.)

“Likes” for the Birthday post – 66 79

Page views – 201 210 (new record!)

Countries that have visited – 16

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Philippines, Germany, Hungary, Namibia, Trinidad and Tobago, France, Malaysia, Ireland

Reblogs – 10

Today we also hit our 100th “Like”. We are very excited and very thankful for all the support and #RawrLove for Rara.

Now, here are the messages we’ve received thus far. (These will also be updated as they come in)

Happy Birthday Rara! There is a world of blogging love that is being sent to you today because you deserve every single bit of it. Your presence has been missed. You are an inspiring and imaginative blogger. I mean, who can beat how you revived Carmen Sandiego for the blogging world? And then took a debate idea and turned it into an online Tug of War? Seriously, I was in disbelief at how you even come up with these ideas. You are outstanding and I’m sending all the positive vibes and thoughts to you possible, as I’m sure many other bloggers are. ~ Kim

Happy Birthday, Rara ! =)
Your blog brought a smile to my face every single time I visited and you always had kind words to share with us all !
You are such an amazing woman, fantastically talented writer and friend to all who are lucky enough to have been graced by your presence…
Be safe, be well and know that not a day goes by that all your friends are eagerly awaiting your life to once again become wholly yours.
Much love… ~ Tish =)

happy birthday sweet rara! you reached out to me in the blog world and really helped me feel connected. a little over a year ago you send me a friendship bracelet in the mail. i tied it on my ankle that day and it is still there! i think of you each time i glance that way, and send a little positive energy into the universe for you. i really enjoyed writing to you, and look forward to getting your new address so that we can continue our correspondence. i miss you! much love on your birthday!

Laura (aka phrogmom)

The interwebs is not the same without you! Happy birthday Rara! ~ The Vanilla Housewife

Happy Birthday my dear Rara!

As you celebrate in some small ways, as I know you will, I know you will feel the love, admiration and acceptance flowing your way from all your dear friends in the blogging world.

I remember when I first started following you. I was a late comer to the rara party, but you were always so welcoming to me. We became fast friends just through comments and the odd email.

You called me your little dragon sister, because we all know dragons are just dino’s with wings.
I miss and love you my sister. Stay strong. Feel the love. ~ JackieP

The first blog post that I read from you was comparing the reader writer relationship to the vampire blood donor one. I was like, wow, this girl is Crazy. I never missed another post of yours after that. Everything you were doing was so original, and so kind. I remember a time that you invited all your readers to leave the links of their favorite posts from their own blogs in your comment section so that we could see each others best material. I was floored by your reinventing the way that we relate to each other in the blogosphere. I admit that with every post that I put up I always looked to see if your dinosaur face appeared and that one like would define for me the success of the post. Thanks so much for being there for all of us. Can’t wait until your back, bringing your magic to our world again.

Too much love, Sreejit

Rara, you were one of the first people I ever followed, many moons ago. Your unfailing positivity, creativity, generosity and sheer energy never fails to impress me. We’ll see you soon back where you belong and I’m thinking of you.

Happy birthday, little Dino.

Love, drali.


You are the only blogger that has ever had patience with my many blogging identities. You embraced me no matter what name I was currently wearing. I appreciate that more than you know.
You are such a role model as a person. You really embrace all walks of life and I have never seen you have a moment where you have lost touch in your blogging fame. You keep it real, and fun and beautiful and that is a rare gift, my friend.
I really look forward to your return. I miss you. And Happy Birthday!!
Sarah aka CombatBabe

Happy Birthday Rara, i am sending my hopes out there that you can get into a work release program. Without your light… the blogoshere is a darker place. We think of you daily. Sending hugs and love. xo ~ Dani Heart

Dear Rara,

Unlike everybody else, I don’t quite recall when we met. But I was always amazed by your ability to be so very many things in the ‘sphere. You blogged about everything from friendship to technical advice to silly stories. And we all loved learning about and from you. And we all fell for your gentleness, your positive nature. Your goodness.
May you soon get the birthday wish that we all have for you — freedom!
Much love and peace to you,

Hi, Rara,

We’ve never met in person and had a very brief discussion about flossing…. and it was lovely.
So many people think of you and will be waiting for you to come back to the sphere and beyond. Happy Birthday. I look forward to meeting you in person. Your shiny light makes me want to shine, too.

Every eejit needs a little green friend, and considering I hail from the Emerald Isle you would think it would be a leprechaun right?! But no I found a Rarasaur with a world full of wonderful stories and creativity.

Always smiling and always welcoming, that’s what I like about you.
Happy birthday Rara, hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon ๐Ÿ™‚ x ~ Eeijit

Happy Birthday Rara, I wish the best for you. Irene

Happy Birthday. Light will ALWAYS triumph over darkness.

Sending you light and Aussie ancient magic from Australia.
Aunt Sharon.

Dear Rara

Happy Birthday, such as it can be. I hope that all the messages from your dear friends serve to help bring some cheer.
And let me add mine – a small message from a stranger; I’m still gutted about that…selfishly, for I’m sure you, of all people, would rather things were different. But I just want to say how much I enjoyed meeting you, very briefly, just before this awful thing happened and you were shut away. I very, very much hope you make your way back.
But in the meantime, it matters to me – you matter to me – and it was a genuine pleasure to catch even a glimpse of your incredible spirit just before your light got hidden under a bushel, and I still think of you.
The other reason I’m so glad of you – even if it’s mostly in a second-hand manner – is Samara, who talks of you often; of your magic, your generosity, your indomitabilty, your reading and reading and reading, and the way in which you had time (and gentleness) for everyone. You have made a deep and wonderful impression on her, and in the time I have become friends with her, she has been kind enough to try to teach me some of the lessons she’s learned from you.
I’m a slow learner, I’m afraid, but she’s bearing with me. I think it bears saying that you have something *incredible* about you to have gathered so many stellar people around you, and to have made such meaningful, genuine friendships. You are an inspiration, and like a pebble thrown into a still pool, your impact ripples ever onward and outwards.
Sending prayers and wishes for ‘medium’ for you.
Lizzi (The Considerer) x

Rara, I think of you often. You are a shining light in a dark and weary world. Happy Birthday, and stay strong! Deb


Take care of your sweet self and hope they take good care of you inside. I’m sure you have infected people with your zest and positive attitude. We will be here and Kozo will keep us up to date.
BTW, Greenland do exists and i have it on my map. And I manage to get one from China. That was a tough one. Woo hoo…
Perpetua aka Seeker.

Rara, here’s to another Birthday wish from me to you.
Happy Birthday Rara ๐Ÿ™‚ You are beautiful, you are wonderful and you are loved as how you always love those around you. May your angels, guides and the light and love of all those who have you in their thoughts and prayers be with you always ๐Ÿ™‚ And may the sparkling light that is within you always shine bright even when things appear dark. *hugs* ~ shreejacob

I’m not sure who found who. But that little Rarasaur showing up in my emails with a post or a comment always made me smile. There is something reassuring about her presence. Kindness and acceptance and encouragement all wrapped up in a beautiful soul. Thank you Rara’s parents for the gift of your child to us! Happy Birthday Rara!!!! ~ Chatter Master

I actually just found out about Rara’s imprisonment the other day. I had my head in a hole these last months, and when I read her husband’s post I started crying. I barely know Rara, but I was in awe of her – all that she did as a blogger in such a short time. Brilliant and shiny, that’s how I think of her. Too bright for bars. May you have a wonderful birthday and feel all the love coming your way.

Much love and peace to you,

I happened by a blog one day and saw a link to “Rarasaur.” The name stuck and I hopped over.
Loved. It.
When Rara started “Prompts for the Promptless,” I was hooked! Her wit and brilliance always brings a smile to my face. I miss her regular web presence for sure, but imagine her bringing smiles to those around her.
Happiest and most blessed of birthdays to my favorite Dino-chick. Keep your head up. We await your return. For now, I hope you feel us sending hugs from afar…
AR Neal

While it may be difficult for you to really ‘celebrate’…never-the-less I do wish you a Happy Blessed Birthday and that you may realize there are many who are thinking of you today… that you are special and this is your special day…. Diane

Dear Rara,
I love you. I hope you have occasion to smile today, at least once. It’s easy to forget to smile – in the throes of thought, in a moment of despair, during a rainstorm – but do remember to do so as much as possible (even if you do not feel like it; that is when it’s most important to do so). It is how sunshine gets into our souls.

You matter, my dear. You are loved.

Melanie (Isy & Niko, too)





7 thoughts on “#RawrLove for Rara

  1. So many great blogs are written here, excellent words strung together, followings nurtured. But if many of us stopped posting, eventually, even if we were missed, those eyes would fall on other blogs. But … not this one. Your reach far exceeds your considerable words.

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

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