Karma is a Poopy Bed

This story is going to be short and not so sweet. When Rara was arrested, I was shocked. When she was imprisoned for something she didn’t do, I was, and still am, furious. Those cowardly slugs are allowing her to pay for something they did. Those cowards are able to go home to their loved ones, eat good food and sleep in nice beds. This brings me to my story.

When I was in Grade 6, our teacher sat us alphabetically by first name. In my row, the order was Jaded, Jason and Joe. Jason had a gassy problem and while I wasn’t thrilled to sit by him, my dad told me to be tolerant, because I didn’t know if Jason had any medical problems. Fair enough. To Joe’s point, I didn’t sit behind Jason.

As the year progressed, Jason did his thing and was teased about it, as well as other things. The treatment bordered on bullying and I felt bad. I told the kids to lay off and even took blame for some of the gas. Jason seemed grateful. Then came camp.

We were put into groups. Jason was in my group and appointed the leader. We had a number of popular kids, as well. They weren’t fond of Jason’s leadership and mocked him behind his back. Again, I told them to lay off.

One of the leader’s tasks was to make sure the dinner table was set perfectly. The winning table received a prize such as 15 extra minutes in the bathrooms, which was huge. One night, the counselor checked our table and a straw was our of place. The popular kids were fuming. Jason looked for me to help and I told him that we’d just have to do better next time.

That evening, I couldn’t find my tennis shoe. I looked everywhere. A couple of kids helped me and Joe finally found it at the edge of the lake. It was sopping wet. I thought it was retaliation for defending Jason and was livid. Turns out, Jason was the culprit. When I asked him why, he said I should have checked the dinner table for him. What??? I lit info him and avoided him the rest of the night. The kids teased him until the teachers told them to stop.

The next morning the boys cabin was alive with gut spliiting laughter. We heard it through our windows. It turns out that Jason’s stomach was particularly active that night and he pooped his bed. While I didn’t join in the laughter, I couldn’t help but think, “what goes around comes around”.

I know the cowards who are letting Rara take the fall won’t read this. On the chance that they do, I hope they think about karma every night they hop into bed.


10 thoughts on “Karma is a Poopy Bed

  1. It’s amazing how some people just never bother growing up and remain selfish, thinking whatever they want is what they deserve to get. In her case, it’s being greedy and setting someone else up for a fall. :-/

    I am not perfect, but I can sleep at night (if I slept, but you know what I mean).

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