Not too long ago, I received a letter from Rara. She admitted to being down. She missed reading everyone’s blogs and said she would lock herself up for months to catch up. She asked how Stories was doing and couldn’t wait to read each post.

In one of her posts, Rara found a tarot card site. She did a reading for herself and invited us to play along. Sadly, I don’t remember the site, but it did bring back memories from my past, where I, and some family members, went to psychics or had experiences which mwy be considered supernatural or the result of too much alcohol. In the spirit of Halloween, I thought I’d share and invite you to do the same!

The first story involves my aunt. She was a devout Catholic but her friends convinced her to see the crazy lady in the crooked house on the hill. This was in the 1950s. My aunt had recently married. The lady took one look at my aunt and said, “you have the gift”, which immediately freaked my aunt out. My aunt sat down and the reading began. The lady told my aunt that she and her husband would have financially difficult times. She also said that she saw a lot of feet under my aunt’s table. My aunt laughed and said that she came from a family of 12 kids, so yeah, there were lots of feet. The psychic grew angry and boomed, “I said YOUR table.” That was enough to send my aunt running out the door, but she did have six kids. My aunt seemed to have a hightened sense of intuition. In preparaton for her son’s wedding, my aunt set carnations out for the uncles. One of my uncles was very sick. His perfect carnation fell apart and within months, he died.

My dad had an experience with a Ouija board that he never told us about. He allowed me to play with tarot cards but was adamant that the board was never to enter the house. I respected that. When my dad died, the microwave fan went crazy for 10 minutes, as if he was saying goodbye.

My mom took me to a psychic at a place called Canturbury Village. This psychic told my mom that Annie was watching over her and that Mary was jealous. My mom freaked because my Grandma’s name was Mary and she was always jealous of my Aunt Ann, who could provide materially for my mom. This psychic also predicted that my sister was pregnant. Four days later, my sister broke the news.

This same psychic told me that the guy I was with was not good for me. I had just been engaged and hid my ring in my pocket. The ring was loose and didn’t leave marks on my finger. Little did she know that his demeanor had changed from someone who was loving to controlling and I was trying to reconcile that. She also said that I would be moving west. I laughed because I was looking for places on the east side.

Years later, she did another reading, this time at her house. Canturbiry Village didn’t renew her contract. She said people called her a witch and it wasn’t good for their business. In this reading she insisted I was moving west (two years later I moved to Chicago). She also said that people will underestimate me but it would always be my choice to react. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

My final story involves my mom’s house. My niece swears that it is haunted and that she sees a little man. I haven’t told her about the time a dark little man-thing gripped my arms so tightly that I thought I was going into shock. I fought and broke free to see it disappear into my mom’s armoir. I attributed it to a night terror. The next morning, the latch on the armoir wouldn’t close.

So now that you’ve been scared/bored/amused with my stories, do you have any to share? How do you feel about supernatural occurrences? Are you able to predict or see future events? Please drop them in the comments, or better yet, contact us.


25 thoughts on “Supernatural?

  1. I think anyone that knows me has an idea where I stand on this. Let’s just say I’ve had way more than one experience. As for foresight? Ask Rara in one of your letters. She’ll tell you a story of how I predicted something for her. It’s something I was born with. Of course lots of things can be explained away but I prefer to think of the phrase “anything is possible”.

    Happy Halloween everyone!

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      • I’ve sensed death on more than one occasion and soon after a family member would die much younger than they should. Sometimes it was nightmares other times it was like I just knew. I could just feel it. It’s hard to explain. Just like something in the air, you know? I could just sense it

        I think some of us as humans just use different parts of our brain to learn. (Like the cliche phrase “Everyone is unique”) But sometimes using those different parts of the brain open up other parts that not many people use and some just have a keen sense to awareness and are somehow predict things or even see events that happened in the past.
        It’s cheesy but you know how in TV or movies when a psychic person touches something & they get a flashback of something that hasn’t to them? Like someone else’s life?
        It really is like that for some people.
        They touch something that belonged to someone or even another person & they may see something.


  2. I was once a part of a comedy group that used to make joke or a skit about someone famous, and then that person would suddenly die within a few weeks. That happened several times, and I really hope that there isn’t anything supernatural out there and it was all a freak coincidence.


    • My experience with those types of situations X is that cause and effect are often the opposite of what we perceive them to be. That is to say when someone is going to die there are sometimes feelings we get in a subconscious way, that makes us aware before the fact. Hence your group may have inadvertently chosen as topics those who seemed the forefront in your minds – and they were forefront because somethingw as going to happen to them. In other wards, their future deaths caused your choices and hence as time played out it appeared your choices were causing the death when in fact the death was causing your choices.

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  3. My position is dificult to explain. I see it as two separate topics – the first being advanced knowledge or information given to us through unexplained means (dreams, visions, gut feelings, intuition, etc) which i believe means we are meant to know it and have to take it into consideration in our plans or lives. The second is pursuing knowledge that is not offered to us or would not be available without our deliberately seeking it. That info I make every effort to stay away from. I have seen enough to make my hair stand on end and have no doubts that we understand only a very small part of the world we live in. That being said, I also believe that there are powers out there that are dangerous to us and we do not have the ability to recognize them. I also believe that there is a benevolent higher power that we can trust. So trust i do – take what’s offered and run with it – simultaneously don’t seek out that which you don’t understand. In that vein i don’t even allow Ouija boards in the house, and I make tracks away from them when they appear. Same with any other spiritual discovery devices or actions. I am convinced that there are things capable of monstrously horrible acts that we can bring into this world and can’t control. So i refuse to go looking for them. i have enough trouble dealing with unexplained onfo that is dropped on my doortep without inviting trouble into my life.

    Cool Post. Very thought provoking – Thank You..

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  4. Despite my endless fascination with magic and all things supernatural, I was not allowed to have a ouija board growing up. My mom and uncle had received one as a gift when they were children, and they used it for awhile with no problem, seeing it as a game. But, then one day it started to curse at them, and answered their lighthearted questions with venom and hate… both swearing they weren’t forcing the letters to come up like that. Neither one ever used a ouija board again.
    I bought myself one, after college for a Halloween party, as a gag to put in the lounge room for people taking a break from the music and dancing. There were also magic books there, and a voodoo doll. All part of the theme of the night. However, I never used the board myself. Even if I came up with some good questions to ask, I’m not sure I’d want to read the answers…

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      • Well, the feelings bit has been straight away, like the time my car way written off by a truck/waggon when I went round a corner next to it at a set of lights. But the other, the dreams, two examples related to work, both for a job I’d not yet got in offices I’d not seen. In both cases, I was sat at a desk in the office and looking at a particular webpage. It was, in both cases, only when that exact screen was on my monitor that I remembered having dreamt about it. In both cases, I’d never been in those offices at the time of the dream. Also I’ve dreamt about conversations which have then gone on to happen. Very intermittent but somewhat freaky when it does happen!


    • Is it like déjà vu? Because I do have that happen sometimes, always work-related. Something totally mundane will happen and sometimes it is just plain déjà vu, and sometimes I could swear that I dreamt it years earlier.


  5. I believe that most mystics are simply good at reading people and making likely predictions about where they’ll end up (My dad has made several accurate predictions about what will happen to celebrities just based on their childhoods/birthplaces).

    But….I do believe that supernatural stuff can happen, as my family has encountered some awfully strange things before – usually about ghosts. These were some skin-crawling stories, that’s for sure. There’s totally something unsettling about the unexplained.

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    • Thank you for your response. :0). My friend says that too. People reveal enough about themselves to allow those who are observant to predict events.

      What kind of skin crawling things have happened?


  6. Nothing cool ever happens to me. I have a 40, 50 year old Ouija board on my mantle all the time, it does nothing but look cool. I did persuade a friend that it was real, once, but it was meant to give her comfort after a loss of a loved one. It was, actually, all me.


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