Happy Thanksgiving

All of us here at Stories That Must Not Die wanted to take a moment today to thank all of you, our faithful and wonderful readers and contributors, for helping grow this community. We appreciate you for who you are.

Here are some additional things we are thankful for:


I’m thankful for the Queen and Little Prince and having this forum to tell the stories that don’t have a home anywhere else. I’m thankful for the respect and patience I’ve received from the blogosphere as I grow my words.

I’m guilty of taking certain aspects of life for granted this year. Health, friends, and time were some privileges I ignorantly assumed would be there. Life woke me up. One of my friends who always helped me see my strengths was pulled away from me and others that love her, due to some unfortunate (and dare I say grossly unfair) circumstances.

My family’s health was tested, and time slipped away from me.
Somehow, through all this a dim light emerged. I was thrust into that light by the friend that was sent away. In that dim light, something magical happened. I found others in similar boats all torn to bits and missing that same person. Together we found some peace. Together, we became each other’s strength.
That dim light grew brighter. With this newfound light, we began to welcome others in. A safe haven was born.
I’m so unbelievably thankful for that.
There is so much more I cannot even begin to list. So, I’ll just say I’m grateful that the people in my life are still in it.


I am thankful for all of you, admins, contributors and readers. Without each of you we wouldn’t be here and we would all miss out on potential healing opportunities. Thank you all for that.


I’m thankful to Rara for founding this forum and to you all for supporting it. I’m thankful for every act of kindness as each brings hope that all is not lost. Personally, I’m thankful for the slow repair of a key relationship. Peace to you all.


I’m thankful to Rarasaur for giving us a forum to tell our hardest stories without fear or judgment, and for tagging me for the privilege of being an admin at STMND. I’m thankful to the other admins for being such a remarkable support network and to all of you for reading and contributing here. Have a safe and happy holiday season and here’s to more undead stories in the future.


I’m thankful for this wonderful place, Bloglandia, where I am surrounded by friends. I shared some of the hardest stories of my life this year, in a safe place, with people who only gave me support and love. My soul was lifted and my mind unburdened, and for that, I am truly grateful.

I’m so thankful for Rara for uniting me with this, my blog family here at STMND.

And I’m thankful for Little Dude. My son gets the best part of me. And he inspires me to be my highest vision of myself, everyday.

I’m so grateful for the experience of having a child whose safety I cherish and take for granted. And not just because I love him more than life itself. But it his very safety which brings me to a higher state of awareness that others experience struggle where he experiences favor. I’m grateful that motherhood connects me to an awareness of this problem because it makes me feel, in some tiny way, that I can hope to be part of the solution.


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