Thanksgiving Surprise!

I’ve heard that this time of year is sometimes a problem for those with depression and suicidal thoughts. I’m not sure if that’s actually true or not, but if it is let’s have a happy post as we begin the Holiday Season. I searched for “Thanksgiving Songs” and What a Wonderful World* really jumped out at me. I hope you  like it too.

This past weekend I traveled home for Thanksgiving. My Mom recently moved back to South West Missouri, making it easier for me to visit everyone during the Holidays. My expectations for this weekend were fairly normal; Dinner at Mom’s on Thursday, followed by a day of catching up with old friends and then Dinner at Dad’s on Saturday. I had it all planned out, even my trip to the local Chinese Restaurant for the dish that can only be found within a seventy-five mile radius of Springfield, Missouri. Little did I know that my plans were all in vain.

The weekend started out very normal. I left Texas around 5:30 pm Wednesday night. I arrived at my Mom’s house right at Midnight. She has a full second bedroom, with a very nice bed, but for some reason suggested that I sleep on the couch. That was perfectly fine with me, and I didn’t have a second thought about it. The next morning I headed to my hometown to see some old Church buddies who were playing the yearly “Turkey Bowl”, Church flag football game. After that I went on to see my dad. I spent a couple of hours there and then decided to head back to Mom’s because I didn’t want to be late for dinner. I stopped at Wal-Mart for some ugly sweaters and cups, and then was on my way to Mom’s.

Before I go any further I should mention that this coming January 20th will mark two years ago when my Grandfather died. Since then my Grandmother (Grammie) has done really well in keeping busy and always looking at the bright side of things. We always joked though, about getting her to visit us in Missouri. She’s a Seattle girl, and our little area of the State is WAY slowed down when compared to Seattle. She usually spends her time in Denver or North Carolina and even Paris, but not little ole Missouri. Until…

I arrived at Mom’s house and walked through the front door. Mom and her boyfriend were standing there nonchalantly. I gave her the cups she needed and was asked what else I had in the bags. I told her it was just stuff and headed for the spare bedroom to set it with the rest of my stuff. I rounded the corner and came face to face with Grammie. All I could say is “Oh, Wow.” We hugged and she asked me if I was surprised, which I was very much so. Come to find out they had planned this since the first of September. Myself and my brother knew absolutely nothing about it. It was a great surprise and made for an excellent Thanksgiving.


Mom, BroJo, Grammie and Brother in the back. Here we’re taking a tour of where my Brother works. Pretty cool job, huh? That’s a Blackhawk Helicopter.

My brother showed up a couple of hours after I did. When he came in it took him a little longer to round the corner where Grammie was, but the payoff was a little better. He took my “Oh, Wow” and raised it to a “Holy Shit!”

We spent the weekend catching up, telling funny stories about Grandpa, eating good food and even went to the movies. I didn’t keep hardly any of my plans, but that’s okay. I didn’t mind one bit.

Featured Image is Brother, Dad and Brojo.

*I claim no ownership of this video or song.


10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Surprise!

  1. What a sweet and fun story. You are very lucky to have family that you love and enjoy. I too, love the song video above. I have always loved it along with many I am sure. It disturbs me now since I actually watched the video of it on youtube. Ever since I watched the series “Lie to Me” with Tim Roth I have paid much closer attention to people’s facial expressions. When I watched the video of Satchmo singing I distinctly observed contempt on his face. I can’t get it out of my head now and it has changed the meaning of the song for me permanently. The world he lived in was surely not the world he was describing in the song. So maybe he did have contempt and rightly so. Not meaning to be a downer. Carry on with lovely holiday stories. 🙂


  2. Wow, Daniheart, that is eye-opening about Louis Armstrong. Even though I am the world’s worst person at reading facial cues, I thought, “Naww, she must be mistaken because he always sings with a sort of grimace (is it a smile or does he just form his very expressive phrasing by making that face, I always wonder) and I think it’s just his style.” Dead wrong, I am. Yes he has the typical grimace, but right after he sings each line, he has this awful look of contempt on his face doesn’t he? I googled “Was Louis Armstrong happy” and got this story about how he had recorded hours of his contempt for racism and other things.
    Still a great song though isn’t it? Thanks for including it, Brother Jon, and it looks like you have a wonderful family. Grammie looks pretty young, by the way.
    Yes the holidays are awful for some of us, but they have nice moments also.


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