Happy New Year!

From all of us at STMND, to everyone in our fantastic community, we wanted to wish you a peaceful, hopeful, uplifting, magical, relaxing, stress-free, whatever you need it to be new year.  May 2015 be filled with joy.  May 2015 be better than the year that came before it.

If you are making resolutions, what are yours for the next 365 days (give or take)?

If you aren’t the resolution type, what are you excited about in the coming year?

What is your favorite New Year’s Eve story?

What is your favorite New Year’s Day story?

I’ll bet you didn’t know that the Queen and I started dating on New Year’s Day?  Well, you do now!

Enough rambling from me.  Get back to the bowl games, or nursing that hangover, or spending time with family, or whatever else you have planned for the day.  Enjoy it.  This one, and all those that follow it.


13 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I spent most of my day in a Tigger onesie. It was pretty awesome. I have no ‘stories’ as such, but am psyched to have discovered that Bro Jo shared Rara’s address, so I can finally write to her, which is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

    I’m planning to phase in becoming a vegetarian. I am MOST excited about coming to America.


  2. I don’t really believe in the whole resolution thing… I feel like that sets people up for failure. I will be taking steps this year to be more green, and more healthy. Even little changes can make big ripples. This year I am going to try making my own laundry soap…eliminating unwanted and unhealthy chemicals. Our skin is our biggest organ and we forget that everything it touches can and sometimes does harm us. I just purchased glass drinking straws for my iced coffee, less footprint, also reducing chemicals that are innocently ingested. Our 2015 is looking as busy as our 2014 was which is a great thing. We are starting to live..after having raised our children. I wish you all a wonderful new year. Happy happy…. 🙂


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