A Hate-Free Zone: STMND Guidelines

Open MindedIn the early days on STMND our team discussed the possibilities of writing up a mission statement. Needless to say, we became swept up in submissions, issues, counseling guests, our personal lives, and changes being made within our group. To sum it up, we had a busy year. (And we haven’t even reached our 1 year blogging anniversary yet!)

This week we realized the time has come to post some guidelines for anyone that is new to the site and is curious to know what we are about.

We know that most of you understand and abide by these guidelines already. These are simply for the few that may be passing through or unsure of why we’re here and what this place means to us.



  • We will not tolerate any hate speech. Comments that are derogatory in nature directed at anyone’s religion, race, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, health status, disability, etc., will be banned and removed.
  • StoriesThatMustNotDie is a judgment-free safe haven for people from all walks of life to share their stories.
  • This is a hate-free zone. If a story or comment submitted to us is found to be a form of cyber-bullying, or is meant to defame, disrupt, or harm someone in any way, it will be discarded. Depending on the severity of the material, the proper authorities could become involved.
  • These or just some simple guidelines for us as a community to follow. The STMND team reserves the right to amend these terms at any time. We suggest you check back here regularly so long as you continue readership of this site.

These terms may eventually become available in page form.

Thank you all for your ongoing support.

We aim to keep this a place of sharing & healing for all of you.


10 thoughts on “A Hate-Free Zone: STMND Guidelines

  1. I find it quite a pity that we have to state these things every so often. But at the same time, I also recognise that it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment and type out an answer without stopping to think through the possible consequences or way in which it could be interpreted.

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    • It is sad, faith. I was apprehensive at first but in light of some recent comments made & just for future reference we discussed it and we had to. Don’t worry though, we are not going to modify anyone’s comments unless a comment like this is made.


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