We all have fears.

Last night I heard a news report through the kitchen that explained how an area close by some family was completely engulfed in flames. When I neared the television, I was shocked by the amount of fire that was actually coming off of these buildings.

One of my own fears has always been the same thing happening where I live. That fear has only been fed now that I’ve become a parent.

Here is the official article on that news story along with some vivid photography on the devastation:

1,000 Residents Displaced After Edgewater Fire


After seeing that report, it reminded me of the only other time I heard of a fire of that magnitude.Before When I was younger we used to take trips down the shore always using the same long stretch of highway. We often admired the row after row of pine, oak, and other gorgeous greenery. One day all of that lush forest caught on fire.

This art is very similar to what it looked like post-fire. All of the brush was dried out, cut in half, and charred with ashes.


It took nearly ten years to grow some of that area back. It still isn’t quite the same.

Sometimes I still worry about something like that happening here. Especially now that I live in an apartment building with many other tenants. We often discuss safety and worries about this sort of occurrence.

Do you have any fears you’re willing to share here? Talk to us.

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15 thoughts on “Ashes

  1. Fears? I have many… work related, child related, wife related, car related, … spider related.
    I had a dream about spiders last night. It was something less than pleasant.
    I’m the sole provider now, both the Queen and little prince reliant on me, and I work in a turbulent industry. Fear of unemployment is never far away in my thoughts, and fear of what that would mean for my family. We would be fine. We would figure it out. But it would be hard, and it would be a change, which is perhaps the real problem here… change is terrifying.
    Apparently I’m not afraid to ramble.

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    • You would be fine & I’m glad you realize that. You’re intelligent & I think if that were to happen you’d find something else fairly quickly. I know how it is, though. You always worry more when you have a little one.

      Spiders terrify me. *shudders*

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    • Matt, my fears are equally as confusing. I fear that I will never be safe again, love or be loved again. Fear that my anger issues will overcome me. Fear of vivid nightmares. But through my journey of complete forgiveness, Christ continues to shine so brightly thru me. I blind others

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  2. My nightmares terrify me because it takes a great deal of effort to wake from them. A lot of my fear has already come true both finance and family wise, so it’s a matter of living and seeing what happens next.

    The other night I had a dream that two huge dogs were outside my bedroom window. I was thinking thank goodness for the sturdy window. The next moment there was only a screen and the dogs broke through. Yay.

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