There’s Always a Chance to Start Over

The following Story was submitted by Caleb T, who is closely connected with our very own Brother Jon. We thank him for sharing and give all our best to him and his little family.

Growing up was an experience I’ll never forget, and I hope to possibly help someone in a positive way with this story… The setting takes place in a very small residential area of only a few hundred. Farms and silos are more common than shopping malls and towers of steel and concrete.

I grew up in the hay fields where I learned how to work. It was great. I loved being outside, and I loved the two men I who taught me. As the years went on one of those men passed, God bless such a good man. After his passing was when I started seeing less and less of the other man that taught me everything. It frustrated me but I’d continue to listen to the people telling me what a great guy he was. Eventually I got tired of growing up in this world alone. I had others in my life who I thought, at the time, were trying to “butt in” on my life but I kept to myself till one day  I decided to try this world by myself. I went out, partied, broke the law, and had what I thought was “fun”. Three years went by that I only remember bits and pieces of. After those three years I got arrested for multiple charges. The one man that I thought would stand by my side, no matter what I did, left me. No contact, no phone call and no visit from him. I’ll never forget how that feeling was. I am grateful for that feeling for I knew I had to change my ways.
On my release from county I started bettering myself everyday, while apologizing for my wrongs. As the years passed the one man that I always looked up to, and who began to rebuild the relationship we had once had, taken a “U TURN” for the worse. After over a 10 year marriage he divorces, moves, sells the only thing the man who passed had left him, and now gets beat by his new spouse.
One and a half years ago an angel blessed my life, and I tried to let this man be part of her’s. This man’s new spouse endangered my daughter one day. While she was entrusted with our daughter she stole my fiancée’s prescription medication. This infuriated me so I confronted them both. The man said he would leave her, that it was to much and not worth loosing a granddaughter, his spouse on the other hand completely lied about it and continue to do so after proof was shown.
After a week he was still with her and started saying it had to be one of my fiancée’s family members (after we had proof). During a conversation the day after his spouse beat him  I told him that I couldn’t take this any more, that my daughter would not be around a lifestyle like he was living.
I moved out-of-state hoping to find a better life for my daughter. All I asked from the man was a simple apology. He told me “apologize for what, I didn’t do anything wrong. You’re the one that took me away from my granddaughter.”
I’ve tried a few times after that to explain his choices and the effects on my family it would have and all that he can muster back were lies. Some are better left to rot alone, for their choices cover them in compost making the process quicker. Hopefully one day he will sprout for he will be the only tree in that field.
No matter who, what or when. Never put you children in danger. No risk like that is worth seeing the possibilities of a tragic disaster.

This is a very short and less dramatic version of the story. But the point being is, what I have become today with what my past has put me through. I am now currently a business manager that lives in Florida and couldn’t be happier.  No matter how bad of situation you or your family is put in please never get discouraged from starting new, fresh or even changing. Just because it might be different or “not the thing everyone is doing” doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial.


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