Let’s do this.

Over the next two weeks (4/7, 4/9, 4/14, and 4/16) I’m going to post some notes, thoughts, comments and other awesomeness I’ve received in letters from our favorite Jail-Dino, Rarasaur.  Some of it will be uplifting.  Some of it will be a struggle.  And some of it will be silly.  But, that’s fitting, right?  Our lives, and our stories, run the full spectrum of ups and downs as we go about trying to survive and thrive, and prison life is no different.

While I have edited the following, I’ve kept her intent intact as much as I could.

These are her words, as she wrote them to me and to all of you.

These are Rara’s stories.


RC became home to me and though leaving every place is hard on me, leaving RC was a softer sort of pain.  Is a softer sort of pain.  I only left yesterday but it’s like I’ve been transported to a whole ’nother planet.  I have an open invitation back there but walking that 200 feet might be near impossible given conflicting schedules.  I’m hoping I find purpose in this new place.

What I know so far is that I will only be working with 5 girls and that’s almost too many for the job.  We work for 5 captains and a chief at an onsite firehouse which acts as a Calfire dispatch and response center.  The work is mostly clerical and portering, with a dab of yard crew thrown in.  I’ll be doing firefightery stuff still – carrying ladders and hoses and learning about fire behavior!  From I can discern, the working environment is a hot mess – drama, backstabbing, and mischief.

I am unconcerned and even a little eager – I see it as a challenge.  The 6 of us will be skipping and holding hands by the time I’m done.

All in less than 150 days.

Let’s do this.


12 thoughts on “Let’s do this.

  1. So is this another move since the last address posted? Is this address still good..
    LA 249 UP – CIW
    16756 Chino-Corona Road
    Corona, CA 92880
    They will be skipping and singing if Rara has anything to say about it, I have no doubt. 🙂

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    • That address is still good. I’ve also gotten letters from her that have CIW LA 249 UP, so I’m not sure if the actual order there is important. She gets them either way.
      Yes, skipping and singing, and telling stories of worth.


  2. I’m borrowing her positive outlook for the day. I need it. This is why I miss this woman so much. She has a way of looking at the world that compares to no other. & I have no doubt she’s coming out of this even stronger.

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    • She will come out changed, yes, it is one of her worries, that she won’t be the same person. We’ll all need to support her when she gets out, remind her of who she was, perhaps, but accept her for who she became. Stronger, yes, she will be. I have no doubts about that.

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