… mind blown

Over the next two weeks (4/7, 4/9, 4/14, and 4/16) I’m going to post some notes, thoughts, comments and other awesomeness I’ve received in letters from our favorite Jail-Dino, Rarasaur.  Some of it will be uplifting.  Some of it will be a struggle.  And some of it will be silly.  But, that’s fitting, right?  Our lives, and our stories, run the full spectrum of ups and downs as we go about trying to survive and thrive, and prison life is no different.

While I have edited the following, I’ve kept her intent intact as much as I could.

These are her words, as she wrote them to me and to all of you.

These are Rara’s stories.

1/25 – 1/31/2015

So far 2015 has been a crazy year.  That seems nuts to say 24 days in, but truth is truth.

My situation here is hella messy and my language is barely educated anymore – ha!

Where should I start?

Tonight, we’re locked in.  We’ve been in our cells since 11AM today – it’s 8PM now.  We don’t get to know what’s going on – it’s an Institutional Lockdown so it could be anything at any prison – an escape, a suicide, a Fed raid, a drug bust – anything.  All seem quiet in RC, though.  Earlier this week, we were on IL because of threats made against our officers.  I was by myself.  Right now I’m grateful [my bunky] is here.

I am a people-person.  If ever I had doubt on that count, it’s vanished.  I am sure!

It’s now 8AM on the 31st and we’re still on lockdown.  They say we will most likely be locked down all weekend.  Crazy!  We just finished controlled showers, and controlled feeding.  Yep, it’s as glamorous as it sounds.

I only hope all of you know I’m safe.

I’ve only been here 2 months and I spend the VAST majority of my time in RC.  When I think of how attached I become in a short period of time, I’m … mind blown.

Last week, I had a breakdown in our auditorium and was super ugly to our awesome and kind trainer.  There was a bevy of reasons, but ultimately they don’t matter.  The point is, after it, I just wanted to come home.  “Home.”

Everyone who writes me tells me they’ve fallen off the ‘sphere to some extent or a full extent…  Just 5 more months, y’all, and I’m gonna be there to suck you all back in like a proper stalk-y octopus blogger.  Yeah.  Just 5 more months!


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