Memorial Service Details

The Matticus Kingdom

Dave’s (Grayson Queen’s) service is going to be this coming Saturday (May 23, 2015) at the Corpus Christi Church in Corona, California at 10 AM PST.

3760 North McKinley Street
Corona, CA 92879-1956

Please help me spread the word again, so those who might be interested in attending have enough warning to make arrangements.  I’ll be there for sure…

And, an update on Rara’s address:

Radhika Jaini WF0124
16756 Chino-Corona Road
Corona, CA 92880

Keep the RawrLove letters headed her direction. Thank you.

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One thought on “Memorial Service Details

  1. Thank you for sharing this here. It’s only right since he is one of our family here. Dave is so greatly missed by so many of us words cannot begin to describe it. I had to inform one of our mutual friends late last night because she’d been away for a while & we both broke down in tears during the conversation.

    He was a talent. An intelligent young man that accomplished so many beautiful things and all while being an introvert, like so many of us here. I’m going to miss my friend. It’s like a bunch of smiles and tears when you flash over the memories you have of someone.


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