Even though you can’t hear ot read this…I want to say thank you

Hi there. Today is still May 30. It isn’t a Tuesday or Thursday. It was the day when Memorial Day was observed. Now this day is.observed during the last Monday in May. My Grandmother was pissed off to.say the least, when this day was moved to the last Monday of the month. She refused to leave her house on Monday. I tend to agree with her. Memorial Day brings mixed feelings.

I agree that we honor the people who sacrificed their lives. I don’t like that we have to set aside one day on a day the government makes a three day weekend to draft summed. That sounds so cynical. It is true

Eight members of my family served in the NAVY. Those who served during war are forever scarred for coming back when their brothers didn’t . My dad served in The Air Force. He was a rebel and his brothers never let him forget.

During the Memorial weekend, my dad and I watched movies until they ran out. My dad died on May 2#th and was buried twice on May 29th. That is for another story.

I had a point in all of this, but my confidence and my phone betrayed me.

I guess even though those who served can’t hear or read, I want to say than you.

Do you have any Memorial Day stories to share?


11 thoughts on “Even though you can’t hear ot read this…I want to say thank you

    • Thank you, CM. It is honest. I remember my Grandma being appalled that stores were open and even more so, that people shopped. Ironically (or not) my tv died on May 30, 2012. I’ve never replaced it.


      • I think I should have said “I could feel this honesty”. I hope that’s what came across (I kind of think it did…).

        I’m with your Grandma, some things just shouldn’t change. Respect being one of them.

        No tv? I get that. We’ve gotten rid of cable….still watch our history channels and stuff on tv though, through our computer.

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  1. Does it betray my age to admit that I don’t remember Memorial Day being any time other than the three day weekend version… I can understand the anger at it being moved from a day of remembrance to a summer kick-off though. That does seem to cheapen it, which is sad.
    I don’t have any good stories, but my grandpa served in WWII, and came home when many of his friends didn’t. And my uncle was drafted during Vietnam. They are both amazing men.
    Thank you for posting this, Jaded. And thank you to anyone reading this who has served.

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    • It might betray your age, but oh well. Age doesn’t equal maturity. I was only 20 months old or so when it changed. Thanks to your Grandpa and your Uncle and thank you for reading.

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