Goldy’s Piece

The following is something Rara wrote about Stories That Must Not Die member Fish of Gold.  Goldy lost the love her life recently as well and can use every bit as much support and RawrLove that we’ve been sending Rara’s way.

There is a fable I read somewhere, some time ago, about how the world works.  About how some people were born to feed the earth, and some to harvest her.  How some were born to fill the seas, and some to keep count of the stars.  All beings, born into purpose.

And, a very small group of people – men and women whose spirits were strong enough to bear all things – were charged with carrying the sky.

When I think on what you have suffered and survived, I marvel at your wonder and I think how lucky I am to be under your piece of sky.  Your power is endless and though it isn’t fair that the winds push at you, and the seas pull at you, and the earth herself tries to suck you in – please know how blessed I feel to know you, and to have heard your survival song.

In my moments of coldest fear, I sunbathe in the certainty that the Great Blue will never fall and I am sister-kin with one who will make sure of it.

Then, I hum your battle cry, and sleep in peace, and wake in purpose.

You are my hero.  Thank you for carrying our sky, and showing me how to carry the tune of continuation.

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