Orange Buffalo Blood

This is post 3 of 6 of a series of poems and prose that Rara sent to be shared with the Stories community.  Next week we take a break from this series and will feature two posts that were submitted to be shared, and then we will resume this series the following week. 

This post from Rara hit me harder than most.  She has taken something her husband wrote in his novel, Orange Buffalo, and adapted it to her current situation.  If you haven’t read his book, you should.  You can also find some artwork and other items he put together based on the book on RedBubble.  And, please donate what you can to the Rara Relief fund.  Every little bit will help her get back on her feet.

What a good girl – – a strong girl – –
She’s gonna grow up to be a felon, a widow,
a shell.

What a good girl – – a loving girl – –
She’s gonna learn how to be mean –
alone – empty.

What a good girl – – a brave girl – –
She’s gonna fill herself up with hot air
and gently




23 thoughts on “Orange Buffalo Blood

  1. Reblogged this on The Matticus Kingdom and commented:

    “An orange buffalo is a thing we are told exists, but doesn’t.”
    But what if we believe in that thing so fiercely, it becomes real to us? And then what if it stolen from us? What if it bleeds? What if it dies?
    Head over to Stories today and read Rara’s adaptation of the recurring lines and themes from her husband’s novel.

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  2. I don’t have the right words, so these will have to do.
    I’ve been thinking about Orange Buffalo since I found out…
    I’m going to grow up to be the approximation of too many dreams, the best effort of our harsh reality, the hypocritical compromise between what I know is right and what should be. Life doesn’t care, though. The world will keep spinning regardless of how I turn out…
    As it should. None of us should have the power to stop the world.
    But, wouldn’t it be nice, for a change if it would at least acknowledge, “Oops, sorry, I got that one wrong. I shouldn’t have taken them so young.”

    You aren’t going to float away. You are loved, and maybe that isn’t enough all the time, but eventually it will help get your feet on solid ground again.

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    • The universe is such a weird place. Every time I’m surprised and think, “There’s no way to top this surprise!”… boom. She wins again.

      I am not going to float away. <- written on a post it note on my computer.

      Thanks, Matticus. 🙂

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  3. I want so badly to say something loving & supportive, as is my nature…but this just shattered me all over again.

    Even hearing the mention of one of his masterpieces sent me into another sobbing spell.

    I miss him so much you guys. It BREAKS MY HEART.

    & The thought that Rara has now joined our club of loss & hurt makes me even more sad.

    Please help me find the silver lining in all this everyone, because I just can’t anymore…


  4. You know last year in may when I got out of court I had to think of international label day.. and then a deep sigh. But they are not the only labels.. I think every now and then it’s good to float away just a little bit.. to the happy places 🙂 and then come back! You’re much needed my sweet Dino!

    Much love! 🙂


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