The following is the second submission from one of Rara’s friends on the inside. After Alicia’s initial post, a story about loss and a corresponding poem – the Stories team printed the comments that were left and mailed them to her. 

Alicia responds with the following:

“Thank you so much for posting my story and poem and also sending me the comments that people sent – it touched my heart in such a deep way. I’ve never had so many people care. It means the world to me that people could relate to me and take from my strength. I’m glad that I could help.”



Alone in this dark

place, I feel so

incomplete, Lost

in this Image,

I could no longer

See, longing for

that day when

I could finally

fill complete.



Any comments you leave below will be printed and mailed to her once again. Please note, if you are going to send her mail directly – and Rara will tell you that is always appreciated – that her address has changed from the one included with her post:


Alicia Ann Chavez #WF1190

MFCRF Dorm B-13

PO Box 1488

McFarland, CA 93250



13 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Alicia,
    Thank you for sharing with our community again.
    Your words are powerful and speak to a feeling I think most of us have struggled with before. I know I have at least. I’ve felt lost and found and everything in between. And while the uncertainty of “who you are” and “where you are headed” can drive your thoughts to dark places, I can take comfort in knowing that the answers to those questions have been find before and are likely to be found again. This state of being “lost” is only temporary.
    Thank you for your bravery and strength.

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  2. Dear Alicia, The other day someone told me ‘things will get better’. Whenerever someone tells me that, I wonder when better will happen but maybe better is now and today is as perfect as it is. I think as children we look at adults and feel they have all the answers but the older I grow the less I feel I understand of this world. Death being the biggest riddle of them all.
    Love never ends and as little as I know, I know your mothers love will always be with you. Celebrate her and let the beauty of those you love be what you do. Things will be better. They allready are. Wishing you much strenght, love and a big hug from Holland! Madhawi ❤

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