As The World Spins

The following poems are the third submission from Rara‘s friend Alicia.  She first wrote about the day she lost her mother and then she shared a poem.  She’s back again with another series of poems.  Any comments left will be printed and mailed to her, and if you are up for the challenge, feel free to send her mail directly.  Her address is included at the end.



As The World Spins

As the world spins,
All I see is the past,
Mistakes I have made,
Not wanting to take one more step, in
The direction that,
The world spins,
Scared to fall once,
Again, Changing,
Directions every day,
Until the world,
No longer spins.


Face of a Clown

Hiding behind a face of,
A Clown, not wanting to
Cry, hiding the pain,
Deep down inside,
Smiling, laughing, not
Wanting to face the truth,
About life, a mask,
Is easier than facing
Your self, hiding,
Behind a face of,
A clown.


Skin Deep

Deep down inside,
All I see is so,
Much hurt and pain,
Living beneath a layer,
Of skin, never,
Wanted it to fade,
Away, crying each,
and every day, all
I need is not,
To only look,
Skin deep.


Alicia Ann Chavez #WF1190
MFCRF Dorm B-13
PO Box 1488
McFarland, CA  93250


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