We are Thankful

flower doodles

All of us here at Stories That Must Not Die wanted to let you, our faithful readers, know that we are thankful for you this year: for your submissions, likes, comments, shares, and for making this community as wonderful as it is.  We appreciate you for who you are.  You are wonderful.  You are loved.

This week, as you think of something, and have a free moment, pop by here and leave a comment about something you are thankful for.  From family to fighting successfully for the last brownie.  From your team coming through in the last seconds of the game to the shooting star that lit your night sky.  Whatever it is, please share it here with us.


3 thoughts on “We are Thankful

  1. I’m thankful for this family. For all we’ve been through this past year together and how we seemed to hold each other up through it.
    I’m thankful for you..for being a friend and taking me under your wing when all you knew about me was “one of Rara’s crazy friends that can draw” – and most of all for keeping us organized when emotions were flying all over the place.

    I’m thankful for Goldy, who even through her own rough year helped us build this place, keep it going, and reached people who needed a kind hand.

    I’m thankful for BroJo, for being “The Godfather” of STMND-helping and watching over all of us, making sure we’re okay.

    I’m thankful for Kozo, because he showed me what it is to trulybe thankful a few years ago.

    I’m thankful for Jaded, because she puts caring for others before her own needs, and that speaks volumes about her character.

    I’m thankful for Samara & NotAPunkRocker because even though they took on quite a bit this year, and had other endeavors, they are still a part of this family. C’mon, who else could say: “The Stories blog is having a baby!”

    I’m thankful for Dave, for his friendship, his understanding- the way no one else could; because even though he only got a chance to share one story here, it is the loudest & most heard of them all.

    – Last but certainly not least I’m thankful for Ra. For your friendship. For being you. For creating this place. For your vision, your determination.
    But most of all, for helping me, so I can help others.
    Your magic flowed through this place like water the entire year. Just ask. 😉

    & all of you, for making this place what it is.
    The anti-graveyard. The eternal storybook.

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  2. I am thankful for this family as well. I consider myself the runt…hey, every family has one 😄. I’m thankful for being able to listen to vents and vent in return, without judgement…what an awesome family.

    I’m most thankful for everyone who has felt safe enough to share here. That is the turkey and mashed potatoes of this site…all puns intended.

    Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving.

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