The Day After

Today’s very special guest is the recently married Arden.  She’s a talented writer and an amazing person, … and I’ll let her words do the rest of the introducing.  Don’t forget to leave her a comment of congratulations or swing by her page to see all the awesome she has going on there.

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There are few experiences in life where you have those day-after moments. It’s a day where any number of things could have happened. Perhaps you graduated from college and now have to face the world on your own. Perhaps you had a baby or bought a house.

Perhaps you got married.

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As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m in that last group. Right now, I’m sitting on a plane heading toward our honeymoon. I’m trying to soak in what all happened over the past whirlwind of a weekend. It was a time filled with events, family and friends. I essentially got to see everyone who has meant something to me the past thirty years all within a 72-hour period. After everything that happened over those three days, a panic now rushes over me as I feel the weekend slipping away from us. I want to remember everything, just as it was when it happened.

In particular though, I’m trying to remember those tiny moments. Laughter, love and plenty of wine filled the entire weekend, but it’s the moments nobody saw that I’m trying to recall; the ones that could slip away if I don’t grab them and put them in a place of safe remembrance.

I remember when I saw him for the first time that day. I wasn’t sure how I would react. I tend to cry at the smallest of things. A damn Hallmark commercial can make me weepy even in the happiest of circumstances. As my dad walked me down the aisle though, I could only feel myself beaming and magically, the tears never came. I remember it being so hard to stand so close to him and not be able to kiss him. I remember when we had our first quiet moment together after we were officially announced as husband and wife, and we just held each other.

It’s those tiny moments that I’ll cherish. I honestly didn’t think getting married would be a big change in our everyday lives. We’ve been together over eight years, lived together for over three, and been engaged for a year and a half.

What could possibly change?

But it’s there. I could feel it resonating between us when I woke up beside him this morning. I could easily blame it on all the excitement of the weekend or the trip we have laid out before us, but I know it’s something more. I know it stems from the commitment we made yesterday. We’ve known for a while now that we were in it for forever, but the act of saying those words to each other, and in front of everyone we know no less, cemented those feelings we’ve had for the past eight years.

The day after. It’s a tough, but wonderful feeling to try and describe. As I sit next to my new spouse with our whole lives ahead of us, it’s crazy to imagine where we’ll be in ten, twenty, or thirty years, but it’s great to know I’ve found someone who wants to be next to me for all those decades ahead. I just hope I can remember this feeling and those tiny moments that bring a smile to my face, and I hope I always remember how lucky I am to be surrounded by such an amazing group of family and friends who made it all possible.

At Arden Ruth Writes, you can find my digital portfolio where I mainly contribute to the yeah write weekly writing challenges. In early 2014, the editors at yeah write were gracious enough to pull me on board as a contributor and social media manager. You should check them out. You won’t regret it.

Behind the scenes, I am currently working on the first novel of my Hybrid trilogy which I hope to finish during the 2015 NaNoWriMo session. I am also working on a fantasy anthology with five other amazing writers. More details on that coming soon. I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband and our two fur-babies.

Want to chat? Contact me via e-mail. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. The bloggers life – Incase anyone didn’t already know, the test of a true blogger is to write on the way to your honeymoon. Thanks for sharing and congratulations for finding someone to spend a lifetime of more precious moments together with.

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