The Clock Won’t Stop While We Dance

With the latest news going around the webs we offer this story from Card Castles in the Sky. Please have a read…


In the wake of a tragic loss, the death of actor/comedian Robin Williams something has come to light. Suicide and depression are no longer topics to be avoided. This is something I’ve stressed both here and on Stories That Must Not Die. It is a shame it takes something like this to get people talking (and more importantly doing something.)

I was hesitant about posting this fiction before. Now I know I must.

WARNING: The following fiction deals with mature subject matter. The characters deal with an immensely dark side of depression. There is a heavy load of triggers. 

The Clock Won’t Stop While We Dance

“I know it’s no fun to be weak.” It was a moment in time. Perhaps it was too truthful, raw, and much too real. We all have our weaknesses. Some can be felt more than others. Coping is a dance we do to fit in, and most of…

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